Crochet Bunting FlagsI love bunting, it brightens any room and adds a spot of fun to any gathering.

Making bunting is a brilliant way to use up those odd bits and bobs of yarn that we all have hanging around in our secret stashes or the perfect excuse to rush out and buy more (not that I ever need an excuse 😉 ).

It makes a brilliant gift for a new babies nursery, child’s room or whip some up in red and green for a fabulous Christmas pressie.

Quick and easy to make, with endless variations in colour and style. Here’s a quick free tutorial on how to make bunting.

Mini Crochet Bunting.

Crochet bunting flags

You Will Need.

UK 5mm Crochet hook

Double knit yarn.  Stylecraft is usually a good choice.


Wool needle


DC – UK double crochet, US single crochet

Ch – Chain

SS- Slip stitch

DC2Tog- Double crochet 2 stitches together.


Make 9 flags

Ch 20

Row 1

Double crochet (dc) in each stitch to the end and turn your work.

Double crochet into chain


Row 2

Ch 1, double the first 2 stitches together (dc2tog) then dc to the end of the row and turn.

How To DC2Tog

  • Insert your hoop into first stitch, draw up loop, 2 loops on hook
  • Insert your hook into the second stitch, draw up loop (3 loops on hook).
  • Wrap yarn over your hook and draw it through all 3 loops.

WooHoo! You’ve done your first DC2TOG. 😀

Row 3 to end

Repeat row 2 until to you have just 2 stitches left.

Final Row

DC2TOG. Tie off yarn and weave in ends.

Trim Your Flags.
  • Attach your chosen yarn to one of the top two corners.
  • Slip stitch along the bottom 2 edges.
  • Tie off your yarn at the other top corner.
  • Weave in ends.
String Your Flags Together.
  • Ch 80 in the same colour as your trim.
  • Insert your hook into the first stitch on the top left hand corner of your first flag and pull your yarn through to make a slip stitch.
  • Repeat across the top of your flag.
  • Chain 10.
  • Insert your hook into the top left hand corner of your second flag.
  • Repeat chaining 10 and ss across your flags until all of your flags are attached to your string.
  • Chain 80 to create your final string.
  • Tie off your yarn and knot both ends.

You’re all done. Time to go and hang it up!


Hopefully you have found my bunting tutorial quick and easy to understand.  I’m just starting out in the blogging/pattern writing world so please pop a comment in the box below to let me know how you got on or just to say “hi” and tell me what you like best about my blog so far. 😀


I hope that you have enjoyed reading and using my crochet bunting pattern.

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Cheers for now.

Lou 🙂

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