We have two rescue cats, Oscar and George.

They were brought for me by Geoff for my 30th birthday in an attempt to distract me from the big 0.  They came to live with us at fourteen weeks old.  The two little bundles of fluff who were raised in the house of the lady who ran our local Cats Protection shelter.

Absolutely bomb proof and totally daft, they fitted in straight away.

From the tiny kittens they once were they grew and grew and grew!!  It soon became apparent that they were Maine Coon cross breeds.

Oscar is big but George is a huge!  Weighing in at a whopping 6.6kg and tall enough to reach our kitchen surfaces with his back paws still on the ground, he really is our gentle giant.  He’s a total whimp, he growl at the postman and refuses to go outside unless one of us is with him.

Oscar is a proper cat.  A brilliant mouser who loves to be outside except when its cold, then you’ll find him snuggled up in front of the fire or happily purring away on one of the boys laps.

With giant cats comes loads of fur.

I’m constantly doing battle with the cumps of black fur that litter themselves around the house especially in the cats favourite sleeping spots.

George has a heart condition which he seems to use as an excuse to sleep anywhere and everywhere.

Apart from the occasional “Maine Coon” crazy few minutes, sleeping and eating are pretty much all that he does.  He has numerous resting places, all of which have their fair share of fur deposited on them.  No matter how often I pick it up there are always blobs of black scattered all over the place.  By the time Oscar has come back inside from a night on the town. His fur full of adventure, scattering twigs and leaves wherever he sleeps. I’m on constant pick up duty. It’s a good job I love them. 😉

My friend Shelly popped over for a cuppa the other day.  She mentioned how fantastic crochet blankets are for dogs because they are hard wearing and quick to dry but how difficult it is to find small blankets.  She also mentioned how nice it would be to have blankets that match your home decor rather than having to go with whatever colour you find that is the right size.

This got me thinking.

It hadn’t occurred to me to pop blankets down to protect the furniture from hair, dirt and claws.  This could save me so much hassle.  I would crochet small blankets or mats that I could change out regularly and pop in the wash.  Whilst I was at it I decided to add a whole new section to my Etsy store where my customers can buy or custom order cat mats, dog mats and blankets.

As you already know I have a considerable addiction to James C Brett yarn.  My stash is full of James Brett Marble Chunky. I absolutely love using it, it’s super soft, hard wearing, washes up really well and comes in a fabulous range of colours.  What’s not to love? 😀

Crochet cat mats corner to corner blanket

I grabbed a ball from my stash, reached for a crochet hook and got stuck in.

I use Knit Pro crochet hooks their handles are lovely and soft to hold.  I find that having a slightly wider handle means that my hands don’t ache when I’m on a crochet mission.

Below is a link to the set that I just can’t live without.  I’ve added to it over the years to make a complete set running all the way up to a 12mm hook

As with my twiddle muffs crochet cat mats are perfect for trying out new stitches and textures without taking up loads of your time.  They’re the perfect size for getting a quick crochet fix.

Here are a few of my creations so far, modelled by Oscar. George loves his blankets but he is so massive that he makes them look tiny.

How to make a crochet cat mat or dog blanket.

There is no right or wrong way.  Just get stuck in. 

As you can see above, I’ve used lots of different stitches.  So far I’ve made
blankets using UK treble crochet, Corner to corner, traditional granny square, puff stitch and solid granny squares.  I’d avoid anything too fancy if I was you.  

My cat mats measure about 40cm x 40cm but this changes according to how much yarn I have and how much fun I’m having making it.

When I’m using Marble Chunky yarn I tend to use either a 7mm or an 8mm crochet hook. 

Have some fun and see what happens.  If your cats are anything like mine they’ll be trying to snuggle up on their blankets long before they are finished. 

If you’re looking to make a blanket for your dog marble chunky should be fine but if you have a feisty little terrier or any other breed that likes to have a good old pull on its blanket that maybe consider using aran wool to be sure that it is as hard wearing as it is up to the job. 

Cat mat crochet furniture protector blanket

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my furry friends and their new blankets.

If you’re making pet blankets of your own I’d love to hear about them.  Please pop a comment down below to let me know how you get on.  I’d love to see your photos and hear all about your pets.

As with all of my other posts all images and content are my own intellectual property please don’t copy, reproduce or use them in any way without my prior permission.

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Many thanks and cheers for now

Lou 🙂

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