Confessions of a crochet addict.

This is bunny, he has no face and no proper name, poor thing.  I made him a couple of years ago. Of all my WIPS (works in progress) he is the one that I’m the most assumed to admit to. I just can’t commit to giving him a face!  He has sat, without a face for so long now that I think he’ll look weird no matter what I do to him.

I love the idea of amigurumi (which is a posh, hard to pronounce, word for crochet stuffed toys) but am yet to spend enough time doing it to fall in love with the process.  I have saved countless patterns and blog posts on Pinterest knowing damned well that I’ll never get around to doing them but they look soooo cute, I just can’t resist.

I am a proud owner of the most amazing book Edward’s Menagerie which is a real “must have” If you’d like to make your own toys.  It takes you through a step by step process using a set pattern for bodies, arms and legs then adding little tweaks to the heads and ears to help you to create your very own menagerie.  I followed it step by step to create the lovely bunny above but, for some strange reason, when it came time to give him a face and personality of his very own I failed miserably, got distracted by lovely new yarn and moved on leaving my poor little bunny sitting on the side just waiting to be loved.

So, here he sits, waiting for a face, poor Mr Rabbit.

The cat seems to quite like him though.

Mr Bunny isn’t my first step into the world of amigurumi, I have successfully completed a couple of dinosaurs.  Here’s the first one I ever made.  I love him.  His name is Lemon Squishy (don’t ask).

Making amigurumi toys is so rewarding.  The final result is always super cute., a real labour of love.  If you haven’t tried it before, give it a go.  It’s easier than you would thing, using just one stitch type, the double crochet (US single) which is the simplest of all the stitches and working in the round.  The possibilities are endless.  I stumbled across this pattern site the other day. Check out all of the awesome things you can create with a little imagination and a crochet hook!!  


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