I was pottering about on Instagram the other day marvelling at the talent of the amazing people that I follow when one of my friends tagged me in the above image.  I don’t normally take part in these “tag your friends” things but it got me thinking.  At first I thought,  I don’t have 20 facts that I can share.  My friends already know that I’m addicted to buying yarn and that I have a love for all things Gin.  The realisation that I could only muster up 2 facts about myself was quite a depressing thought so I decided to pick myself up, dust myself off and give it a proper go.  

Once I got going I found the whole thing massively therapeutic I could have easily managed more than the twenty required. In fact I was quite disappointed that Instagram limited the amount of characters that I could use.  So, now that I have my own blog, here is the full, unedited version of “Twenty facts about me” 🙂 Enjoy. 🙂

  1. I taught myself to knit 3 years ago by using . I whipped up a few scarves for family and friends but had a total block when it come to cable work so I reached for a crochet hook and have never looked back. 
  2. I set up my Etsy store because I have 2 boys and it gives me an excuse to buy pink wool.
  3. I used to clean in a care home. Most of my twiddle muff ideas come from thinking about the lovely people that I met when I worked there.
  4. I love to run but have some how lost my way. I know I love it but for some reason I can’t bring myself to do it any more.  Hopefully being held accountable on here will get me back into my groove.
  5. My favourite place to be is sat in the sand dunes looking out to sea on Holywell beach in sunny Cornwall.  I’m planning on spending many lazy days in this exact spot this summer so fingers crossed for a scorcher.
  6. My partner and I have been engaged for 18 years but some how have never gotten round to getting married. We were going to then babies happened then a house happened but now we don’t have any excuse apart from “if it ain’t broke then why fix it?”
  7. Try as I might to mix things up, somehow I always seem to wear stripes!
  8. I have 2 rescue cats and 2 rescue guinea pigs.
  9. I foster guinea pigs for a local shelter and often lack the strength to send them back.  I some how manage to convince myself that if I don’t keep them they won’t find a home.
  10. I have a very patient other half (see 6 and 9).
  11. Grey’s Anatomy makes me cry.😭. It is common knowledge in our family that I have a heart of stone. Unless it involves those I care about then nothing makes me cry. Nothing, that is, apart from Greys Anatomy.  One minute I’m happily sat there munching away on onion ring crisps and the next I’m in floods.
  12. Today I wore my new sunglasses all day and now I have panda eyes. 🐼.  I’ve reached that stage of life where I squint in even the most dappled of sunlight.  I’ve weighed up panda eyes verses squinty wrinkly eyes and panda eyes win. 🙂
  13. I love to crank up the car stereo and sing at the top of my voice.  It makes me so happy.  I drive a lot of miles with our youngest son. He is a county athlete, We’re forever driving to one track or another. Nothing makes me happier than cranking up the tunes and singing along with him.  My time with him will soon come to an end as he moves on to hanging with his mates instead of his ol’ Mum so I’m clinging on to every precious moment.
  14. I can’t sing but I don’t care. 😁😆
  15. I love a fancy dress party as long as it’s not for me.  Any excuse to be creative and you can count me in but ask me to be centre of attention and I’ll run a mile (I think this goes a long way towards explaining number 6). 
  16. My wool stash is far bigger than my other half realises but my Instagram friends assure me that this is perfectly normal and tell me I shouldn’t let it put me off making future purchases.
  17. I’ve lived in Cornwall all my life and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. 

  18. When my boys are all grown up I’m off to travel the world. I might even get married. 😉 (see no 6).
  19. I have a completely irrational fear of stick insects. They make me feel physically sick.  I’m absolutely fine with spiders, snakes and wasps (all the usual suspects) but can’t stand stick insects.  To top this off our garden is one of the few places in the UK where stick insects can be found in the wild!!
  20. We brought a brand new car for the first time ever last year and within 2 months I had ripped the wing mirror off it 😮😮😮. Damned thing is covered in sensors but had nothing on the mirrors and is so sound proof that I didn’t hear it coming off until it was too late!  I’ve been driving for over 20 years and have never done any damage before.  Fortunately for me…..see no 10.

So, that me.  I hope you enjoyed my 20 facts and that we have something in common.  Probably not the stick insect phobia though eh? Come and find me on Instagram where you can see what random things I manage to get tagged in next.